Let´s desardinate our climbing wall.


Because sometimes we feel like sardines. The afternoon climbing courses for kids and adults are both full. By making the wall bigger we could also host the competition for more children. Last time there were 79 competitiors, but we aren´t afraid to double that number.

For who?

It´s not only the kids from the Velké Opatovice elementary school. It´s also the kids from the surrounding villages and cities.

The adults are willing to come even from 20-30 km distanced cities only to climb our wall.

The scouts, firemen, young hockey players and one summer camp also used the wall.

But mainly it´s for everyone who wants to let loose and experience their adrenaline adventure with knowing they are still safe.

How can you support the desardination?

You can come visit the wall, and if you like the visit, we can talk about potentional support. You can donate money to the school’s bank account. You can advertize the project, share it on social media. You can share it directly with your friends, that has a few extra money stored. Or if you have a better or some other idea how to reach our goal, please contant us via this email:

Where will the money go?

100% of the donated money will be used for building new parts of the wall. All of the finantional flow will be published here on this website. That part will show the receiving of the money donated and the payments it was used for. There is no limit given to either top or bottom of the amount of the money donated. In case you donate a small amount, we hope a new grant would be set and the amount of the money will be used as a procentual foundation for the grant.

What do you get in return?

Firstly, you will get our gratitude. The gratitude of the people and the kids that will climb the wall. Of course you cannot put that in your pocket and it´s no profit for you. So here we offer something more:

For 200,- CZK – two stickers– on is called desardination and the other one is a logo of the climbing wall Základka. 

For 500,- CZK – 1 one free family entry, includes: borrowed equipment (shows aren´t included) and basic tutorial on how to climb.

For 1 000,- CZK – building a climbing path according to your wish and naming it after you.

For 1000,- CZK – a monkey fist made of old unusable ropes. (only 30 pieces)

For 5 000,- CZK – a free year-long entry for two people (impossible to use when the wall is closed)

For 10 000,- CZK – invitation to an outdoor climbing event with our Team, keep in mind it is just an invitation, not a course on how to climb, we can borrow you all equipment needed (not the shoes though) and you can climb with us.

For 50 000,- CZK – a life-long free entry for 2 people (impossible to use when the wall is closed)

For 100 000,- CZK – becoming a member of our climbing team Základka (invitation to all the club events, welcoming you to our climbing family), a possible arrangment about placing your advertisement on our wall.

When sending the money to the account, please do not forget to include an email with your name, last name and your date of birth, in case of a company, send us the company information. After receiving the donation, we will create a donation contract for you. We are obligued to creat the contract, so please make sure to send us the information we need. After sending you the donation contract, we will delete the email with all your personal information. In the mail you can include the choice of your gift.